Acoustic Wooden Box Fan

Size: 10" - 1500m3


Acoustic Wooden Box Fans

  • High Built Quality
  • Highly durable Torin Sifan motor.
  • Unique features for easy installation and safety.
  • Moisture resistant MDF panels
  • Easily hung using four fitted eye-screws
  • IEC clamp for a secure connection
  • Silent box fan designed specifically for indoor grow rooms.

These silent acoustic wooden box fans are precision engineered and assembled right here in the UK.

Tornado acoustic box fans are precision built, purpose designed box fans for the modern gardener. Ideal for use as an intake or extract fan, this custom designed fan provides all the answers to creating the perfect environment within your indoor garden.

The high quality Torin Sifan motor that is used in the Tornado acoustic box fan is one that barely needs any introduction.

The MDF panels that form the casing of the acoustic box fan itself are moisture resistant, a highly important aspect to consider when using inside a humid grow room. It doesn’t take much thought to realise that a metal object situated in a wet and humid grow room environment, will not see the usual lifespan it may be accustom to. Sealing these components off from the excess humidity not only prolongs the lifespan of the equipment, but also ensures they run at maximum capacity, for as long as possible.

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