315w Digital Ballast 4K Philips CMH Horizon Wide Reflector Kit




The compact size of the Horizon wide-angle reflector from Maxi bright has excellent light output, uniformity and diffusion. The Horizon Daylight reflector is manufactured from highly reflective aluminium which is formed around the lamp to provide high PAR levels of light over a wide area. This provides your plants with a full spectrum of light ensuring plants are healthy and happy with high yields, whatever the weather.


Philips 4K CMH Lamp, primarily for use in the vegetative stage or for supplemental light during the whole growing cycle.  Paired with the horizon reflector, this gives the 4K Philips lamp the maximum amount of potential coverage for improved plant health and growth. 


The Maxibright Daylight 315w Digital Ballast is build to perfectly match your 315w CDM Lamp. It's compact, runs silently, has auto reset and soft start technology as well as being lightweight.

  • The go to CDM Ballast designed by leading manufacturer Maxibright
  • Use the dropdown menu to upgrade to the iLink model
  • Thermal and short-circuit protection
  • Soft Start technology
  • End of Lamp life detection
  • Great Maxibright build quality

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