Adjust a Wing Enforcer Spreader

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The Super Spreader is designed to allow your HID lamps to operate closer to plants without burning them by deflecting the heat they produce, which will enable you to grow taller plants. These come as standard with Adjust-A-Wings Avenger reflectors and are available as an additional purchase for Adjust-A-Wings Enforcer Reflectors.

How the Super Spreader Works:

The HeatShield: Super Spreader is an inverted V-shape of perforated metal fixed via the lamp-holder on your reflector. The inverted-V sits directly beneath the lamp, where it disperses and spreads the light (and heat), which would typically shine straight downwards. The deflected light and heat are directed out sideways, which reduces the light and heat intensity underneath the lamp but increases the light intensity towards the edges of the grow-space.


  • Built to work with Adjust-a-Wings Avenger & Enforcer reflectors 
  • Lets you get your reflector closer to your plants
  • Great for grow rooms where height is at a minimum 
  • Spreads the light from your lamp, giving better light levels at the edges of the garden 
  • Ideal for when your plants have stretched too much for the height of your grow room

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