Advanced Connoisseur Bloom A-B

Size: 1L


Connoisseur Bloom A&B by Advanced Nutrients is the ultimate flowering fertiliser for experienced growers. It's easy to use and makes larger flowers denser and heavier than ever thought possible with a crop from indoors. This product will automatically regulate the pH to the ideal level for the flowering stage.

Bloom A&B is a total fertiliser in 2 parts, and it's top-quality for the flowering phase; it contains additional additives such as Humic and Fulvic acids to provide an extra layer of buffering and chelation. It also contains types of amino acids and poly-alcohols that activate the internal regions of the plants to enhance their yields. 

Using Connoisseur Bloom A&B will reduce time with flowering and have a faster ripening of the flowers; you will see an increase in strength, the flavour and the aroma and a significant increase in the market value of your harvest.

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