Advanced Nutrients Hammerhead 1L



HammerHead - a one-part floral booster to outproduce PK 13-14 and similar products. HammerHead has better source components and formula integrity than PK 13-14.

If you've ever tried a PK bloom booster... only to find... that it did nothing for your plants... or... it created brown spots or leaf tip burning... then... here's how to never have that problem again... AND... get all the flower-boosting benefits of feeding your plants PK.

Here's the story: many years ago, before hydroponics and indoor growing became popular, plant research showed a specific combination of Phosphorous and Potassium would make plants bloom bigger and produce heavier harvests. This agricultural research was performed outdoors on high-volume agriculture field crops like corn and soybeans. And because phosphorous leaches out of the soil quickly, especially when field crops are heavily irrigated, all the PK bloom boosters were explicitly created for outdoor field crop growing.

The most important thing to know is they all have more phosphorous than potassium in their formulas because phosphorous depletes so quickly when growing field crops outdoors with mass irrigation. This extreme phosphorous ratio is NOT the mixture we want.

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