Advanced Piranha

Size: 250ml


Advanced Nutrients Piranha is a blend of beneficial fungi that work in the root zone to improve nutrients' availability and help protect against root diseases. The beneficial fungi in Advanced Nutrients Piranha Work alongside the microbes in Voodoo Juice and Tarantula for even greater root mass, root health and increased nutrient uptake.

Beneficial inoculant products significantly increase microbial activity in the root zone. Piranha increases yield and root health. 

NB: To avoid chlorine/chloramine in tap water from inhibiting, or even killing, the friendly microbes, we recommend using Ecothrive Neutralise.  Also, Ecothrive Charge will give your plants an extra kick. 

How Advanced Nutrients Piranha Liquid works:

Advanced Nutrients Piranha is a concentrated blend of beneficial fungi for use from rooted cutting through to the second week of flowering. Beneficial fungi create a web of mycelium, which works with your plant's roots to provide greater nutrient availability and help protect against root diseases. It's almost like having a second root system for your plants! VooDoo Juice and Tarantula can be used with Piranha as they complement each other in the root zone.

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