Air-Pot RTA Dripper System 16 Pot 9ltr

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As well as the convenience of an automated feeding system, watering your plants regularly using drippers considerably improves results over traditional hand watering methods and coupled with the accelerated root development created by the Air-Pot, this dripper system delivers results that cannot be matched in any other pot based system. The system can be used with a wide variety of growing media including soil, coco or expanded clay pebbles and can be configured to re circulate the nutrient or run to waste. Drip irrigation is supplied via high quality TopSpin Dripper Manifolds for even nutrient delivery through each dripper stake. Two dripper stakes per container. The nutrient reservoir is collapsible so is easy to transport and will fit through any sized doorway or opening.

  • Frequent feeding means greater uptake of water and nutrient
  • Roots do not rely on the capillary action of the growing medium
  • Free draining root zone means no nutrient build up or water logging
  • Air-Pruning of the root system grows larger, healthier plants

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