AirOzone Ozone Generator

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Size: 8" 200mm 1200m3/h
£404.99 £449.99


AirOzone ozone generators effectively remove odours from your grow room environment.

They eliminate all odours from the air in your ventilation system before it leaves your ducting.

Made specially for growing environments, AirOzone is positioned within your ventilation system, matching the size and air flow through your duct work.  Works best alongside a carbon filter, AirOzone maintains high level of ozone through the use of plates which ionizes the air around them, providing extra layer of odour elimination and peace of mind. 

What is Ozone?

Ozone is a potent and aggressive gas reacts with other molecules and eliminates them. 

Volatile organic compounds and plant odours are completely destroyed by ozone. 


  • Easy to install as part of your ventilation system 
  • Premium quality - designed and manufactured in the EU to safety standards
  • Range of sizes to suit most grow rooms and fits multiple duct sizes
  • Low power consumption
  • Serviceable once the ozone plates are no longer operating at full potential
  • 12 month warranty 
  • Working with our specifications below you will not exceed the maximum air flow through the AirOzone generator 

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