Alien RDWC 12 Pot Pro Silver 36L

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Simply plugin and grow with the next generation RDWC system. Growing top-quality plants indoors has never been effortless, combining Alien technology with the classic deep water culture method.

Available in either the "Black" or "PRO Silver" series, the ALIEN® RDWC (recirculating deep water culture) system provides excellent results, high yields and fast vegetation times, increasing profit and reducing growing time.

The RWDC hydroponic system fittings are secured and threaded with rubber washers and nuts, making installation and relocation easier. Heavy-duty clips on the pots lift the airlines off the floor; all systems come with factory-fitted chiller fittings making installation simple.

An optional add on is the CAMO® Tank and which ensures the optimal nutrient solution level is maintained.

Key Benefits

  • Heat reflective Silver Polymer
  • Super oxygenated
  • Reduced veg time
  • Uniform PH & EC
  • Plugin and grow
  • Minimal medium

Key Features

  • Dual-Flow™ fittings
  • 50mm silver pipe
  • Jet-Stream™ air pump
  • A.I.R™ Rings
  • Heavy-duty pots
  • Elevated airlines
  • Square net pots
  • Inline valve & filter
  • Chiller ready


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