Aptus Fungone 1L




Aptus Fungone is a preventive product for problems with fungi, infections and viruses whilst increasing resistance to future attacks.

General Information

Fungone is not harmful to plants and does not inhibit plant processes.


  • Prevents infection from viral, fungal and bacterial infections by cleaning plant surfaces
  • Creates a protective shield on the plant leaf surface
  • Non-toxic to plants and animals
  • Prevents bud rot and mildew

The Science

Fungone works by cleaning the leaves and creating unfavourable conditions for pathogen development. It then creates a preventative shield over the leaves to help prevent future infections. This is particularly useful in outdoor gardens.

How to Use

We advise that you only spray your plants when the lights are off to prevent leaf burn.

It comes ready to use and can be applied directly.

For best results, it is advisable to spray your plants thoroughly twice a week for two weeks.

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