Aptus K-Boost 1L



Aptus K-Boost is a fantastic bloom/maturation booster and gives your plants the much-needed potassium needed in the bloom stages. As it's an organo-mineral product, it promotes high levels of bioavailability, further increasing the quality and firmness of your end product.

How Aptus K-Boost Works

During the bloom phase, plants require substantial amounts of organo-mineral potassium - so by using Aptus K- Boost, you are giving your plants everything needed for a successful harvest. Whilst containing high potassium levels, Aptus K-Boost also contains L-amino acids, combined with sulphur trioxide (SO3), to help further enhance your plants' health, yield, and quality.

The potassium also improves water management in plants through osmoregulation. When potassium is deficient, stomata will not work correctly, leading to the plant losing water quickly. Whilst potassium improves starch and protein synthesis, sulphur is used in the maturation process, as well as to help increase the weight of your final product.

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