Aptus Regulator

Size: 250ml


Regulator aids in the uptake of nutrients and strengthens the plant structure, increasing the plant’s ability to handle various stresses (biotic and abiotic).

Regulator increases the bioavailability and absorption of all other nutrients by acting as an efficient transporter for different elements.

Regulator increases general plant strength, health and nutrition.

This product provides a gateway for absorbing and utilising other nutrients. The formula works with the natural plant mechanisms to provide the proper nutrition in the right amounts at the right time.


  • Resistance against abiotic (environmental: temperature, wind, drought)
  • Resistance against biotic stress (pests and pathogens)
  • Improves uptake, absorption and utilisation of nutrients
  • More robust cell structure and epidermis layer to create more vigorous plants and thicker stems, which increases the dry weight
  • Reduces and controls the space between joints caused by unbalanced nutrition and temperature stress 
  • Increases resistance against nutrient salt buildup and reduces loss of moisture from the leaves


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