Aqua Master Combo Meter P700 Pro 2

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Aqua Master Combo Meter P700 Pro 2

A premium monitor offering many relabel user-friendly features. 

The Combo Meter P700 Pro 2 is designed for long-term, low-maintenance use. Just plug in the AC adapter and calibrate it, and the unit will be ready for continuous monitoring. A rechargeable battery is included, so even when there is no access to power, the monitor will still function. 


  • Compatible with most common calibration liquids 
  • Receive notifications when electrodes are worn
  • Get notified when your meter needs calibration. 
  • The on and off switch is used to manage light function. 
  • New, quality electrodes 
  • Improved software 


Plug the power supply into the wall and connect the USB to the meter.

  1. Connect the EC and pH electrodes to the meter.
  2. Remove the protective cap from the EC and pH electrodes.
  3. Switch the meter on.
  4. Immerse the EC and pH electrodes in the liquid you need to test and gently stir until the reading stabilises.
  5. To switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit, press the C / F key. To switch between CF / EC and PPM measurements, press the MODE key .
  6. After use, switch the meter off.
  7. With tap water, clean the EC and pH electrodes to minimise the chance of contamination.
  8. Place the EC and pH electrodes back into the protective cap.

If you use the meter continuously and keep the electrodes in the liquid to be measured, then please keep in mind that they need to be calibrated more often. It is also important to check for algae deposits and, if necessary, to carefully clean the electrodes.

Replacement pH Electrode for P700 Pro 2

Over time, pH electrodes do age. Even with reasonable care and regular cleaning, their lifespan will be extended. However, over time, reference fluid will become contaminated, and the electrode will continue to respond slowly. The gel-filled electrode will then have to be replaced.


  • 0 – 14.0 pH range;
  • ± 0.1 pH accuracy;
  • 0 – 60 ° C temperature
  • waterproof cable connection
  • gel filling (not refillable)
  • Includes probe holder with KCL storage fluid – keeps the probe safe
  • BNC connection;
  • 1-meter cable
  • Six months warranty

Replacement EC Electrode for P700 Pro 2

The Aqua master tools replaceable EC, CF, and PPM electrodes are easy to connect using the connector.

Most conductivity meters cannot replace the electrode because they generally do not break if adequately maintained. However, the electrode can fail due to ageing, limescale, leakage in the electrode, or cable breakage due to hardened plastic. That is why the electrode is replaceable with our meter.

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