Aqualine Flexi Tanks

Size: 250L


Easy to store, transport, set-up and use – Aqualine's Flex Tank packs up flat and can be set up in minutes making it far more convenient than any rigid plastic tank.

The product is made in 4 sizes including 100L, 250L, 500L, and 750L.

Ideal as nutrient reservoir

The Aqualine Flex Tank the best choice for a container as it is easy to assemble and use. It is the perfect unit for water storage. The product is made of strong material and it is ideal for outdoor use. 

The unit is excellent for collecting rain water, as well as the ideal choice to use as nutrient tanks indoors. Users can hook them to their hydroponic systems and easily store them away when finished using.

No tools required

The Flex Water Tank requires no tools for assembly, reduces storage and takes minutes to assemble.

Unlike other waterbutts and barrels, the Aqualine Flex Tank can be stored away when not used, can fit where other tanks cannot go and is adaptable in ways standard tanks are not.

How to use the Aqualine Flex Tank

The Flex Tank comes with 4 support poles and a tap. Unpack the box's contents and ensure that all parts are available. Unfold the blue tank. Attach the tap to the tank's bottom by pushing the tap through the hole. Make sure the tap is at a 90-degree angle anticlockwise until the reservoir is full. Insert the poles into the Flex Tank's side sleeves. Turn the tank upright and move it into the desired location. Place the tank on a smooth and flat surface to prevent any damage. Once the tank is full of water, turn the tap 90-degrees clockwise to the right position.

  • Easy to assemble and store.
  • Flexible tank.
  • It's made at the highest standards of performance and quality.
  • The best solution for water storage.
  • Packs flat for easy transportation and storage.
  • Can be used in places that rigid plastic tanks won't go.


100L - Height: 12 Length: 12 Width: 80

250L - Height: 14 Length: 14 Width: 90

500L - Height: 16 Length: 16 Width: 100

750L - Height: 18 Length: 18 Width: 100

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