Atami B'Cuzz Coco Booster Universal

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Atami Bcuzz CoCo Booster Universal: 5L
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Atami B'Cuzz Coco Booster Universal is made for plants growing in coco and is a top-quality booster. The booster is designed for the blooming and vegetative stages, ensuring accelerated development. The additive helps your plants grow rich roots and increases nutrient uptake. 

With B'Cuzz Coco Booster Universal, your plants will grow stronger and deliver more extensive and heavier flowers. The additive contains natural ingredients, stimulating microbial activity in the root zone. The formula improves your crops' immune systems and protects them against pathogens. With B'Cuzz Coco Booster, you'll achieve optimum crop growth and intense blooming.


  • B'Cuzz Coco Booster Universal has an increased solubility level;
  • The product doesn't clog your system, and it's suitable to use with any irrigation system;
  • The formula doesn't leave any residues;
  • The product is ideal for use with other Atami nutrients and supplements;
  • Stimulates the microbial life in the root zone;
  • Improves your crops' immune systems;
  • Protects your plants against pathogens and diseases.

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