Atami Wilma Wide 8

Size: 18L


The Atami Wilma WIDE is an active hydro version of a drip irrigation system. Plants benefit from the accurate feeding of active hydroponics, combined with the flexibility of growing in pots.

This Wilma 8 kit comes with:

  • Nutrient Tank
  • Top Tray
  • 8 x 18L pots or 25L pots
  • Pump and dripper assembly
  • 8 x Flood (blue) & 8 x Arrow (black) drippers

Pots are placed on a tray above a nutrient solution tank. Plants and drippers are placed in the pots with the chosen growing medium clay, coco, soil or rockwool. Set the irrigation frequency with a timer, which triggers the drippers to automatically feed the plants.

The nutrient solution works its way through the medium and over the roots of the plants, draining into the catchment tank and drawing oxygen into the root zone.

Pots in a Wilma are independent of one another; plants can be moved around under lights or replaced. A timer is used to increase the number of feeds to suit the life stage of the plants.

If using clay pebbles treat the Wilma as a re-circulating hydroponic system and top up the tank every few days with half strength nutrient solution.

If using an absorbent medium - like soil, coco or rockwool - treat the Wilma as a dripper system with a catchment tank. The aim is to minimise run off and top up the tank with full strength nutrient solution.

Use a cleaning product, like Atamis ATAclean, to prevent dripper blockage.

Set feeds on a segmental timer: when plants are young start with 2x or 3x 15 minute feeds a day when using clay pebbles. Set 1x or 2x 15 minute feeds a day when using an absorbent medium. Increase the number of feed periods as plants mature.

Golden Rule 1: Use the correct dripper for the growing medium. When growing in clay pebbles, use the flood drippers. For more absorbent media soil, coco, grow cubes, mapito use the arrow drippers.

Available with 18L or 25L Pots

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