Biogreen Garlic Eco Protector

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HydBiogreen Garlic is obtained through a well-thought-out two-step production process, that consists in placing fresh cut fermented garlic bulbs and ginger in tanks without oxygen for several months (polar extraction), followed by the a-polar extraction. As a result, the content of the active ingredients is higher and quality damage due to oxidation by oxygen from the air is avoided.

The main bio-active component extracted from the garlic is Allicin, a compound of organic sulphur (thiosulfate) with a strong antioxidant effect and other good properties for plants. Allicin works as the first mechanism of defence against insects and different fungi. Biogreen Garlic is highly concentrated and contains on average 15000-28000 ppm of Allicin.

It works preventively against various pathogenic fungi such as mould, mildew, nematodes, snails, beetles and insects such as mites, louse, whitefly and mite. In addition, Biogreen Garlic has a general effect of strengthening the plant.

Due to the natural nature of Biogreen Garlic, the active components are completely absorbed by the plant, it does not leave residues in the plant and in the soil, making it safe for humans, pets and nature. It keeps infection pressure low and can be used well in combination with other pesticides.

  • Strong expelling effect on insects
  • Prevents and repels various pathogenic fungi such as mould and mildew, and insects such as nematodes, snails, beetles, mites, louse, whitefly
  • Protection based on garlic
  • Made of pure raw materials
  • 100% biological

Available in size: 1L, 5L

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