Black & White Sheeting

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Size: 125mu x 5m
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Dual-layer black and white sheeting, the black side reduces external light and the chance of a light leak; the white side reflects a high amount of light in a diffused way, reducing the likelihood of hot spots.

How to use

Line the space you wish to use with the sheeting, ensuring there is an overlap between each sheet. You can attach the sheet to a structure with aluminium tape for temporary solutions or staples for more permanent spaces.

Any holes or spaces between sheets will allow leakage and not optimally reflect light into the room, so the whole area should be covered.

Ideal for use in a D.I.Y space where a tent is not being used.

Available in:

125mu x 5m x 2m

125mu x 10m x 2m

125mu x 30m x 2m

125mu x 100m x 2m

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