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Atami Bloombastic is a booster that stimulates ripening, flowering and essential oil production. 


  • Atami Bloombastic – Outstanding complete flowering booster
  • It contains ideal ratios of extra potassium and phosphorous
  • It makes flowering plants less sensitive to stress from dry air, heat, etc
  • Bloombastic can be used with any brand of base nutrient, not just Atami
  • Works in coco, soil, hydroponics, soilless mixes and aeroponics
  • The low dosage rate makes Bloombastic excellent value-for-money

How to use Atami - Bloombastic:

Use Atami Bloombastic for the last four weeks of the flowering phase through to the flush. Please do not use it along with other PK-type boosters as this may (and probably will) cause over-fertilisation. Adjust pH as necessary.

The recommended dosage is 0.5-1.0ml/litre for the last four weeks of flowering through to the flush.

Atami Bloombastic nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K): 0 – 14 – 15

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