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The Bluelab Conductive Pen simply tells you if your plants have the right amount of nutrients in the solution and lets you know if adjustments are required. To feed plants well, we have to know what we are feeding them. 

Measuring conductivity every day is the best way to avoid excessive dilution or excessive concentration of the nutrient solution. Fully replace the tank solution every seven days. Refill the level of nutrients between changes so your plants always have the right amount of food.

The Bluelab Conductive Pen also measures the temperature of the solution, as root health is vital for the success of a harvest. The temperature will affect the growth rate and structure of a plant, so we recommend a solution temperature of 18-22°C or 65-72°F.

Technical characteristics

- Conductive and temperature measurement
- Selectable units for conductivity and temperature
- Backlit LCD display
- Optional Calibration
- Failed EC or ppm calibration indicator
- Hold the reading function
- Low battery indicator
- Fully waterproof
- Automatic shut-off function
- Automatic temperature compensation
- 1 x AAA alkaline battery included

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