Buddhas Tree Flower Burst

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Size: 100ml
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Buddhas Tree Flower Burst has been formulated with the appropriate nutrients the plants need for a smooth transition between each stage, vegetative, growth and flowering. Used with your base nutrient, Flower Burst encourages the development of stronger roots and flower clusters, which improves yields.

How It Works:

Flower Burst's 0-10-8 formula works alongside your base nutrient (10 parts phosphorus and eight parts potassium for every 100 parts of undiluted feed). This correct ratio gives the plant the extra phosphorus it needs to develop healthy roots during the growth spurt that occurs after switching to a 12/12 cycle.

Increased calcium during the veg and early flower stage helps to produce a better plant structure; flower burst contains boron which assists with calcium uptake, meaning that any calcium supplements used at these times will be made more effective. 

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