Buddhas Tree Solar Green Power

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Solar Green Power is a strong additive for use during the blooming and vegetative stages. It comprises the most available form of silicon, respectively silicic acid; it helps your plants grow huge stems and heavier fruits. It also increases plants' resistance to diseases and pests and improves their immune systems. 

The formula amplifies nutrient uptake and optimises CO2 absorption, improving the integrity of plants' cells and boosting your plants' metabolism.


  • Improves your plants' immune systems;
  • Encourages the production of chlorophyll;
  • Accelerates your plants' metabolic rates;
  • Develops fatter stems and stronger branches;
  • It creates a cellulose layer on your plants' leaves;
  • It can be used with other Buddha's Tree supplements and nutrients.

How to Use

Use the product during the vegetative and flowering phases at the recommended rate of 0.5 ml/L.

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