Canna Boost Accelerator

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The very popular Canna Boost Accelerator is one of the best flowering stimulators. 

It works alongside your base nutrient and PK booster to give you increased crop quality and size. 

How It Works

Boost Accelerator is a flowering booster containing a special mixture of plant extracts, micro-nutrients, sugars, amino acids, vitamins and particularly oligosaccharides (carbohydrates that contain between 3 and 10 single sugar residues). 

Boost Accelerator ingredients work by increasing a plant's metabolism and stimulating flower and fruit production. It also improves water uptake and enzyme usage and stimulates essential oil production. 

Boost Accelerator also increases a plant's immunity to disease and health during its critical flowering period. It can be used as a nutrient solution additive in the root zone or foliar spray, and because it contains only tiny quantities of nutrients, it can be used in addition to your normal base nutrient and PK-type booster. This, in turn, gives you excellent quality blooms and increased crop weight. 

The ideal partner for this product is Canna's own PK 13/14, which provides the additional elements to fuel the extra growth which is provided by it.

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