Canna Coco 60\40 Pebble mix

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The Canna Coco Pebble Mix gives you the excellent mixture of Canna's excellent quality Aqua Clay Pebbles and Coco Professional Plus. This combination gives you a medium which has the perfect balance between drainage and water retention. The clay pebbles' high porosity also increases oxygen in your media, helping to boost your plant's root growth to new levels. 

How It Works

Coco Pebble Mix contains 40% Aqua Clay Pebbles and 60% Coco Professional Plus, pre-mixed at the ideal rates for your convenience. Adding clay pebbles gives you higher oxygen content and faster drainage, which boosts root growth, helping produce bigger yields.

You can use Pebble Mix straight out of the bag, and no need to pre-rinse before potting up.

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