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Canna's Coco Professional Plus is made from coconut fibre and is a popular growing medium; it provides the ideal air retention and water ratio for fast-growing plant growth and healthy roots. Coco Professional Plus is made from highly refined Coco substrate and thoroughly washed, pre-treated and buffered for excellent results.

How It Works

Canna Coco Professional Plus provides an economical and environmentally safe growing medium; it does hold a lot of water, but the air moves freely through it, which provides oxygen for the roots. Coco Professional Plus is free of soil-borne diseases and contains Trichoderma – a friendly strain of fungus that helps protect the roots from root rot. 

Coco Professional Plus, compared to other Coco products, is of higher quality and is thoroughly washed, so the salt levels are low; it can also be mixed with soil to improve structure and drainage as it does not compact over time.

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