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It accelerates the hand-trimming process and improves your comfort for the duration, leading to much better overall performance. Easy to use, clean and maintain (maximising efficiency and effectiveness as a result), the CannaBrush comes highly recommended!

Features and benefits at a glance:

  • Increases speed and effectiveness of hand trimming
  • It ranks very highly for ease of use
  • Removes dried leaves and fruits in a gentle manner
  • Reduces the strain put on your hands
  • Utilises 100% food-grade silicon for the paddles
  • Minimises build-up of sticky plant material
  • Prolongs the life of other equipment – e.g. gloves

Hand trimming hero

This ingenious little product works much faster than using scissors. Also, it reduces the strain placed on your hands, featuring 100% food-grade silicon paddles that have a specific shape and stiffness to assertively yet gently remove dried leaves and fruits.

Improved cleanliness

Over time the build-up of sticky plant material is kept to an absolute minimum – prolonging the life of pairs of gloves – and notice the brush requires much less cleaning than comparable equipment. Nevertheless, if you still find yourself creating a bit of a mess, you can freeze it and then knock off anything gunky afterwards!

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