CFL Dual Spectrum (Blue/Red Spectrum) 250w

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Low-cost and effective, Dual Spectrum CFLs are perfect for new growers and also work fantastic as propagation lights. Tailored towards improving both the vegetative and flowering phases of a plant's growth, each Dual Spectrum CFL Grow Light Bulb provides plants with the red and blue spectrum of light. Furthermore, as each bulb contains a built-in ballast, gardeners have everything they need to produce large yields. 

What can a CFL Dual Spectrum Grow Light Bulb be used for?

Due to the Dual Spectrum CFL Grow Light not producing large amounts of heat, it can be used for numerous purposes. For example, a 250w dual spectrum bulb would provide enough light for a small to medium plant to produce large buds and flowers. However, a 125w dual spectrum bulb will also help raise seedlings in a propagation grow tent as the bulb wouldn’t produce too much heat to damage the plants. 

CFL Dual Spectrum Grow Light Bulb Specifications

  • Available in 125, 150, 200, 250, 300 & 450 wattages
  • Includes E40 Edison Screw fixture

125W CFL = 7,000 lumens ⇒ 27 x 27 cm grow area

​200W CFL = 12,000 lumens ⇒ 35 x ​35 cm grow area

250W CFL = 15,000 lumens ⇒ 39 x 39 cm grow area

300W CFL = 18,000 lumens ⇒ 42 x 42 cm grow area

450W CFL = 21,000 lumens ⇒ 45 x 45 cm grow area

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