CFL Warm White (Red Spectrum)

Size: 125w


CFL lamps are low cost and produce low levels of heat. Low cost is always great but even better, low heat means you can place them closer to your plants and/or in smaller spaces.

Available in 125w/250w blue spectrum (6400k) for the vegetative stage, red spectrum (2700K) for the blooming stage, (14000k) Super Cool Blue for Propagation and Dual Spectrum to cover the full lifecycle

Each lamp is self ballasting and has the standard E40 screw fitting. Both sizes suitable for a simple lamp. If using a CFL reflector please be aware the 250w bulbs have a greater diameter, so require a suitable reflector.

Perfectly suited to growing in smaller spaces, due to lack of heat emissions, or as an addition to your normal light supply.

Although light performance drops off over time these lamps are built to last. We recommend updating you bulbs every 12 months for continued high results.

Red spectrum Lamps available in: 125w and 250w

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