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Introducing Clonex Pro Start, the newest member of the world-famous Clonex range.

An advanced multi-application nutrient solution:

  • Use as a media soak to give your cuttings a head start
  • Use as a seed treatment to support successful germination every time
  • For optimal nutrition for young plants, use as a first feed

Clonex Pro Start, formulated from a powerful blend of organic extracts and mineral nutrients, supports outstanding root development and early growth in seedlings, cuttings, and young plants.

The Nutrient

  • Correct potassium: nitrogen ratio for early leaf development
  • Nitrate nitrogen for immediate uptake and use by the plant
  • Optimal boron and calcium levels to support early root initiation
  • The complete profile of chelated trace elements, balanced for use at low EC
  • Phosphorus for energy conversion and metabolism

The Organics.

  • A blend of seaweed species

For the optimal balance of bioactive compounds to support healthy root formation followed by leaf growth

  • Targeted L-amino acids

For a metabolic boost and stress resistance

  • Humic and fulvic extracts

For enhanced nutrient uptake

The CLONEX quality you can rely on.

  • Consistently low in heavy metals and chlorides
  • Built-in pH stability
  • Fully water soluble
  • Supported by complete in-house Quality Control testing and batch traceability


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