Control Freak 3 Amp Frequency Controller



An AC fan is designed to run on a 50Hz sine wave, and the distorted wave supplied to the fan results in it making a buzzing noise; this will reduce the life of your fan and is highly inefficient. 

This Control Freak Frequency Controller is unique in that it precisely alters the frequency of the waves to control the fan speed, which results in super smooth fan control.

• Variable speed, digital, multiple fan controller

• Runs AC fans with no buzzing

• Temperature controlled

• Significant energy savings, so only pay for what you use

• Remote thermostat

• Extends fan life and improves the safety of fan operation

• Maintenance-free and lightweight

• 10-100% fan adjustment for linear and smooth speed control

• Two sprung-covered power sockets per unit

• The unit has a large LCD display

• Configurable min and max fan speeds, desired temp, room temp and bandwidth

• Manual option for fixed fan speed operation

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