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B1 Boost - First Aid for Plants

Cyco B1 Boost combines a healthy dose of NPK nutrients with plant-health boosting vitamin B1 (thiamine). It provides vital nutrition and acts as a tonic for your plants that will make them more resistant to stress. Use it alongside your base nutrients and additives right the way through the grow, from veg to flower.

  • Contains a source of NPK nutrients and thiamine
  • Pharmaceutical grade ingredients
  • Reduces the risk of transplant shock
  • Enhances the development and success rates of your cuttings
  • Promotes the development of healthy roots
  • Relieves stress caused by pests or the environment
  • Promotes vibrant, healthy growth
  • Highly effective in any growing medium or system
  • Used alongside your base nutrient, right the way through veg and flower
  • Added at 2.0ml per litre of nutrient solution


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    How Cyco B1 Boost works

    As with all of the Platinum range you can rest assured that only the very best quality ingredients are used to create the finished product. B1 is formulated to be the highest grade cross spectrum vitamn supplement meaning that your garden will become highly resistant to environment stresses and have the precise quantity of potassium needed for the creation of growth enzymes.

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