Dimlux Expert EL UHF Fixture

Size: 1000w


This Nanotube version of the Dim-lux Expert Series 1000w fixture is capable of boosting double-ended 1000w / 400v grow lamps by an enormous 20% (instead of 10%). The Nanotube can deliver yields that are approaching 10% higher than the regular Dim-lux fixture (which was renowned as a big yielded anyway!). This is due to the fact that it facilitates improved ventilation, allowing you to channel hot air away from your grow room, keeping your room running optimally at higher output rates.

  • Uses the innovative Nanotube system, removing heat before it enters your grow room
  • Runs lamps at 20% overdrive!
  • Loved by commercial growers and known to deliver phenomenal yields
  • Combined lamp, ballast and reflector
  • Utilises ultra-high frequency 400-volt technology
  • Extremely high PAR levels (usable plant light)
  • Runs from a standard residential 230-volt mains supply
  • Highly efficient, with an extremely low heat output
  • Ideal for grow areas of around 1.5 metres square
  • Alpha Optics 98 reflector for a beautifully even light spread

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