DimLux Expert Series MKII EL UHF Fixture

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Size: 600w
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The MKII upgrade is a more efficient, functional, and smart light fixture. The electronics produce less loss heat, the ballast housing is up to 30% shorter. Thus, the Dimlux Expert 1000W MKII has the same length as the Dimlux Expert 600W.

  • Unmatched and highly efficient ballast driver: 97% efficient, 30% less losses, 30% more compact and lighter than former Dimlux Expert Series.
  • Equipped as standard with the Ultra Optics Hybrid 98 reflector. This reflector has the highest reflector efficiency in the market with 98% total efficiency, achieved through Miro 98 (99.99 silver) and the SBCS (Single Bounce Clear Sight) principle.
  • Easily replaceable with the Ultra Optics Wide 98 reflector or Ultra Optics Deep 98 reflector. Both reflectors have a 98% efficiency just like the Ultra Optics Hybrid 98. Soon available!
  • A single push button for setting the power output (in increments of 500, 600, 700, 800, 900, 1000, 1100 and 1200W).
  • 4-character status display with scrolling text. Status and error codes are fully displayed on this display. Status and error codes are now displayed in full rather than with a cryptic number.
  • The Dimlux Expert MKII is equipped with an extra interconnect port (Smartport) that can be used universally. Another ballast can be connected to it, but also for example a plant temperature camera or humidity sensor.
  • Closed-ballast design, for better protection of electronics.
  • Controllable with current Maxi Controller and ready for future digital controller platform.

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