Easybreeze 16" 40w 3 Speed Oscillating Stand Fan

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The EasyBreeze Stand Fan is designed to cater to your specific needs with its three-speed modes, offering a range of airflow options. Whether you prefer a gentle breeze or a powerful gust, this fan has you covered, ensuring you always feel accommodated and comfortable in your indoor environment.

The EasyBreeze Stand Fan features an oscillating function that ensures uniform air distribution throughout your indoor environment. This means you can say goodbye to hot spots and stagnant air as the fan rotates to provide consistent airflow to every corner of your space, ensuring a comfortable environment for all.

Easy to assemble and operate, the EasyBreeze Stand Fan is a practical addition to any setup. Its user-friendly design and adjustable height and tilt functionality allow you to direct airflow precisely where needed, making it a breeze.

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