Ecotech Powerstar Contactor

Ecotech Powerstar Contactor: 2 way - 2kw


A, ecotechnics, power contactor, the, ecotechnics powerstar contactors have been specifically designed to, allow the timed switching of horticultural lighting and appliances. In, use the powerstar contactor is very simple and should provide years of, trouble free use. Powerstar contactors have high power relays to pass, the power to the lighting system, allowing you to control your lighting, with complete confidence. The powerstar pro range of contactors/timers includes a timer, and is, great for any light combination up to 6kw. Contactors are basically relays for your ballasts, so they do not burn, out your timers (dangerous if the plants burn!). Complete with a 3-pin plug outlet for the ballast to be connected to, simply connect the feed cable to the mains.

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