Ecothrive Charge Coco Clay 60/40 45L




The Ecothrive Coco Clay mixture has an ideal mix of 40% coco coir and 60% clay pebbles. The coco coir is RHP certified and buffered, coming pre-blended with Ecothrive Charge to give an unbeatable biological boost.

Most coco coir mixes do not contain nutrients and have very low levels of beneficial biological activity, but with Charge pre-blended into your coco mix, plants are given a balanced source of primary nutrients right from the beginning. Charge contains 100% premium organic insect frass and gives a boost of beneficial bacteria and naturally occurring Trichoderma.

Coco coir as a medium has a high water holding capacity, and so this can cause problems in hydroponics systems such as flood and drain. The Ecothrive Coco Clay Mix has been designed to give the boost of the charged coco coir but also allow fast drainage and improved air space at the same time.

Using the Coco Clay Mix will give improved root growth, faster establishment and increased growth rates, along with better chances of your plants not suffering from being overwatered.

This mixture is ideal for flood and drain systems, Autopot systems and drip irrigation systems.


  • Simply open the bag and pour the mixture into your pots. No mixing is required!
  • The Charge in the Coco Clay Mix gives a slow nutrient release, so you can start feeding with your nutrient program from day one. Start with an EC of around 1.2, and always use a coco-specific nutrient formula.
  • If you are using the mix for your final potting stage, you can add more Charge into the mix at the rate of 10ml/L to provide a bigger boost.

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