Evoponic BBC2 120g

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(Beneficial Bacterial Culture TWO)

20 million colony forming units per gram of product. We screen over 3000 strains and chose a combination that work TOGETHER, not in competition, to generate a healthy and natural environment for you plants to thrive in.

This unique combination will:

  • Out-compete native strains reducing proliferation of non-beneficial microbes
  • Produce a biofilm on the plant root acting as physical barrier to unwanted organisms
  • Improve Metabolite production
  • Enhance Enzyme production
  • Upgrade Nutrient cycling
  • Facilitate Nitrate/Nitrite conversion
  • Improve Ammonia utilisation
  • Make available carbon and nitrogen in correct ratio
  • Increase efficiency of Phosphorous solubilisation
  • Increase efficiency of Potassium solubilisation
  • Enhance Production of siderophores to aid in iron availability
  • Effect Fungal growth inhibition (Fusarium, Pythium, Rhizoctonia, Phytophthora, Sclerotinia, and Sclerotium)
  • Demonstrate Antibacterial properties • Generate Induced Systemic resistance – reduction of foliar diseases.

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