Foilshield 1.2m x120mu

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Foil Shielding

Foil shielding is a type of shielded cable that encases a cable using a thin layer of copper or aluminum with a polyester backing that increases durability. Foil shield works in tandem with a tinned copper drain wire to ground the shield.

Advantages of Foil Shielding

Foil shielding offers 100% coverage and can stand up to high-frequency RFI applications. Because foil shield is lightweight and inexpensive, it’s also quick, cheap and easy to produce.

Disadvantages of Foil Shielding

Despite foil shielding coverage and protection against RFI, it’s not very durable and its elements are fragile. These attributes give foil shielding a poor flex life and virtually no mechanical strength, which makes it difficult to work with. We do not recommend foil shielding for high-flex applications

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