G.A.S. Intelligent Humidity Controller SonicAir Pro Dual



Please note that this unit is only compatible with the Quest 70 dehumidifier.

Gain precision control of your grow room environment with the intelligent humidity controller (I.H.C.) SonicAir Pro Dual. The most advanced humidity controller developed by Global Air Supplies to date. 

The new I.H.C. SonicAir Pro Dual prevents humidity spikes in your growing environment by controlling both SonicAir Pro humidifiers and gold-standard dehumidifiers. The controller learns to maintain the perfect humidity and changes the humidity based on the room's temperature.

Additionally, the controller has settings for both day and night and a built-in data logger which records the humidity and temperature within a room for up to 7 days. Thus giving growers the ultimate control of humidity levels to V.P.D. (vapour pressure deficit) or relative humidity.


Precision Control: The I.H.C. SonicAir Pro Dual offers unparalleled precision when managing humidity levels in your grow room. It allows you to monitor and change the humidity of your grow room throughout every stage of the plant's growth cycle, giving you the confidence to create the perfect growing environment for your plants.

Dual-Mode Operation: This gives you the ability to control both a humidifier and dehumidifier and at the same time, you have complete command over your indoor climate. Effortlessly achieve the ideal humidity balance.

Intelligent Sensors: Equipped with advanced sensors, this controller is always on guard, continuously monitoring the humidity levels in your grow room. It then makes real-time adjustments to maintain your chosen humidity setting, providing you with a sense of security.

User-Friendly Interface: The I.H.C. SonicAir Pro Dual is designed with your convenience in mind. Its intuitive LCD screen and easy-to-use controls empower you to set and adjust your preferred humidity levels with ease. No technical expertise is required!

Customisable Settings: Tailor your indoor environment with customisable day and night settings. For example, you can set a higher humidity level during the day to promote plant growth and a lower humidity level at night to prevent mould and mildew.

Energy-Efficient: The controller is designed to optimise energy usage, helping you save on utility bills whilst maintaining humidity. It knows when to power down your devices for maximum efficiency, and it also has a sleep mode that activates during periods of low humidity demand, further reducing energy consumption.

Peace of Mind: Rest easy, knowing your indoor environment is expertly managed. The I.H.C. Dual offers the peace of mind you deserve.

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