G.A.S Phresh Hyperfan V2 EC Fan Controller

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Control your Phresh Hyperfan easily and efficiently with the Hyperfan V2 Controller!

Specially designed to work with Hyperfans, this digital fan controller works to maintain the balance of your growing environment by controlling the speed of your intake and outtake fans. The fan speeds are controlled by the temperature probe feeding back real-time temperature data. Just set the limits and let the controller do its job!

The Phresh Hyperfan V2 Controller features Reactive Temperature Technology (RTT). Developed specially for indoor climate rooms, the controller features a built-in microchip that stands guards over your climate room.

If there is a sudden spike in temperature the controller will react quickly, stabilising the temperature. If there is a small rise in temperature, the controller will increase the fan speed gradually.

Key Benefits

  • Control and balance your Phresh Hyperfans
  • Reactive temperature technology
  • Set maximum and minimum fan speeds for intake and outtake
  • Set negative pressure
  • Powered from your fan – no power pack required
  • Plugs directly into all Phresh Hyperfan V2s
  • Cable supplied with V2 fan
  • 12 month warranty

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