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Reactive Temperature Technology (RTT) has been developed especially for indoor climate rooms. This clever controller has a microchip built-in that stands guard over your climate room. If the temperature suddenly spikes, the controller will react quickly, stabilising the temperature. If the temperature rises slightly, the controller will gradually increase the fan speed; this saves energy and reduces wear on the ventilation system. 

The EC fan controller can be paired with a fan balancer to give you ultimate control over your intake and exhaust fans.

Easy to use and super effective, plug your Systemair fan directly into the unit, and set the parameters as you require. The controller will then calculate what speed to change the fan to, reacting to the temperature change rate overall. If you have invested in Systemair fans and filters, but haven't yet got yourself one of these, then you are truly missing a trick.


Once the controllers are connected to the fans, you need to place the temperature probe in a suitable spot in your grow room and then adjust the unit according to the desired temperature set point you want. Then you can set the minimum fan speed as a percentage of the fan's total output. I.e., the minimum running speed for ticking over during the lights period. This is an essential aspect of the controller to ensure you do not experience positive pressure in your room, which can result in air escaping your room that has not been correctly filtered.

The fan controller then analyses the temperature data sent from the probe to the unit over time and reacts to how quickly temperatures change and fluctuate from the set point. The faster the temperature change, the faster the change in the fan speed, and therefore the more uniform the overall temperature in your room should be. The overall effect is to reduce any unwanted temperature spikes, as the controller responds to the changes appropriately.


Mount the unit somewhere where it is easily accessible. This is an obvious point, but it isn't helpful if you can't reach it.

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