GAS EC Fan Controller

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  • The best fan controller for Systemair EC fans.
  • No hum on low fan speed.
  • Custom designed for Hydroponic grow rooms.
  • Thermostatic control over air movement.
  • Gives fine control, 1-100% in 1% increments.
  • Minimise temperature drops during dark periods.
  • Large Display
  • Plug and play

From the same team that brought you the new CarboAir filters and System range of extraction fans, comes an EC controller that is just as functional as it is stylish. The large heads up display makes it easy to see exactly what is happening with your environment with a simple glance, and the two large knobs make it easy to adjust and fine-tune your environmental parameters throughout your whole growth cycle. Easily adjust the temperatures of your grow room and the controller regulates the fan speed, according to the changing conditions of your grow room.

Easy to use and super effective, simply plug your Systemair fan directly into the unit, and set the parameters as you require. The controller will then calculate what speed to change the fan to, reacting on the rate of change of temperature overall. If you have invested in Systemair fans and filters, but haven’t yet got yourself one of these, then you are truly missing a trick.


Once the controllers are connected to the fans, you simply need to place the temperature probe in a suitable spot in your grow room, and then adjust unit according to the desired temperature set point you want. Then you can set the minimum fan speed as a percentage of the fans total output. I.E, the minimum running speed for ticking over during the lights period. This is an important aspect to the controller to make sure that you do not experience positive pressure in your room, which can result in air escaping your room that has not been correctly filtered.

The fan controller then analyses the temperature data that is sent from the probe to the unit over time, and reacts to how quickly temperatures are changing, and fluctuating from the set point. The faster the change in temperature, the faster the change in the fan speed, and therefore the more uniform the overall temperature in your room should be. The overall effect is to reduce any unwanted temperature spikes, as the controller responds to the changes appropriately.


The controller is suitable for all EC fans, but is of course, deigned for use in harmony with the GAS Stratos range of extract fans. There are a couple of points to make sure you get correct when you install your fan controller, to get the most effective use out of it.

Firstly, make sure you place the temperature probe in a suitable position. Do not have it in direct light from the light source, as this will give you an unrealistic reading. Place the temperature probe in a central location in your room, that is a good representation of the whole room, in terms of its climate. Usually just underneath the canopy, in the centre of the room is a good placement.

Secondly, make sure you set the minimum fan speed to the right level, based on the low point readings from your max/min thermometer. The temperature drop between day and night time has a direct impact on how your plants channels its growth energy, so make sure to adjust for this accordingly. At the same time, you need to ensure that you are still maintaining a negative pressure in your room overall, when compared to the air movement from your intake fans.

Thirdly, adjust the temperature setting based on the daily readings from your max/min thermometer. Just because you have a controller, does not mean you need to stop keeping an eye on the daily changes in temperatures and humidity’s.  You will need to adjust the temperature set point to different levels throughout the grow cycles, according to the needs of the plants at the time, the GAS EC controller allows you to steer your plants growth by controlling these parameters to a very fine degree.


Mount the unit somewhere where it is easily accessible. This sounds like an obvious point to mention, but it isn’t helpful if you can’t reach it.

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