Gavita Pro 6/750e DE FLEX UK Complete Fixture

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These units are for the serious grower looking to increase their yields, and with Gavita leading the way in horticultural HPS technology, you are sure to have every confidence that your new light will outperform its competitors, arguably the best HPS fixture for a 1.2x1.2 footprint. 

The 6/750 DE was designed to bridge the gap between 600 and 1000w modules; for growers wanting more power than 600w but without the necessary head height needed for 1000w. By swapping out your current 600w lamp for this 750, you'll see an increase in yields of up to 30%. 

  • 400v technology
  • E-series - can be run from a Gavita Master Controller
  • Complete unit - integrated bulb, ballast and reflector
  • Increased yields up to 30%
  • Dimmable from 400w to 825w
  • The double-ended bulb produces a greater light uniformity than standard single-ended
  • Interchangeable reflector

The complete module integrates a reflector, bulb and ballast into a single compact unit making a solid but lightweight system that's perfectly balanced, requiring only two hanging points.

Huge PAR output - a whopping 1500 umol/s will drive light deep into your canopy, causing vigorous growth throughout your plants. 

Take full control of the power output - dimmable, this fixture can be run from as low as 400w to as high as the super boost 825w utilising Gavitas "soft dim" technology where the increase/decrease between steps is gradual rather than immediate (further protecting bulb life).

Double-ended bulbs produce an even burn across the whole length of the bulb and allow for a more uniform light spread & penetration! 

400v high-frequency technology allows for an increase in PAR & PPF outputs which in turn increases yield. 400v lights are designed to run from a conventional 230v socket; this allows better efficiency in illuminating your grow space.

Pro tip: Take full control of your lighting, including sunrise and sunset features, by utilising one of the Gavita master controllers, an essential addition for any multi-fixture setup! 


  • Three-year warranty; 
  • 1500 umol/s;
  • 400v ballast;
  • HR96 SE Reflector - 95% reflectivity;
  • The bulb has a 5,000 hr life expectancy and a 96% efficiency;
  • Input Voltage: 240 Volt;
  • Input Current at 100%: 3.5 Amps;
  • Input Current at 110%: 3.9 Amps;
  • Input Power at 100%: 795 Watt;
  • Input Power at 110%: 870 Watt;
  • Lamp: Gavita Pro 750 W 400V EL DE HPS K12 x 30S.

 How to use 

Setup could not be easier with this fixture:

  • Remove from packaging;
  • Hang;
  • Plugin.

Ensure plug sockets are switched off before plugging in, and like all bulbs, do not handle with bare hands as this could lead to debris/sweat/grease residues being left on the bulb and creating dangerous hotspots on the surface of the bulb. 

As with all cables, ensure the cable is not wound or coiled before switching it on for use. 

New bulbs need to be run for 100 hours before being dimmed or boosted to ensure longevity of the bulb. 

Recommended footprint: 1.2m (4ft x 4xt)

Hanging distance: Minimum 18 Inches

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