Gavita Pro Classic 1000 DE Fixture

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Gavita Pro Classic 1000 DE Fixture is the fixture for commercial installations; the small footprint also makes it the best fit for greenhouse use. The fixture comprises a ballast, reflector, lamp and reflector in one package. According to horticultural standards, the ballast housing is sealed and contains a Gore-Texå plug to ventilate the housing while keeping reflector and dust out.

Complete fixture

The integration of reflector and ballast results in a compact fixture. No external lamp wires result in low EMI, which makes it easier to comply with FCC regulations. 

Horticultural design

The high-quality white coating is UV resistant and durable. All the terminals are sealed with gaskets and are high quality.

The high-frequency ballast was specifically designed for the Gavita double-ended HPS lamp, resulting in an accurate, optimal output, a stable burning lamp and better light maintenance over time. The ballast is not suitable for running Metal Halide lamps.

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