Geni Powder Flowering Fertiliser

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This effervescent bud expander is the leader in the field of bloom stimulators.Its additional minerals prompt improved cell division, ensuring increased absorption in the plant. Geni Powder therefore produces tangible results, while it can be combined with any type of basic feed. It is supplied in individual sachets which make for convenient use, while it is has been extensively tested to meet with our customers complete satisfaction. In short, it is the ideal complement to every successful grower feed plan.

How Geni Powder actually works - This bloom booster triggers an additional flowering cycle following the initial one, thus causing the bud to increase considerably in weight. You will be absolutely amazed at the additional yield achieved thanks to the use of this product. It creates a second layer around the bud as it were, which enables increased productivity.

Benefits of Geni Powder:

- Improved and more rapid flowering

- Larger buds

- Tastier fruit and vegetables

- Increased mineral and vitamin content

- Increased phototropic capacity (the plants absorb heat and sunlight more readily)

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