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Flora- Bloom: 5L
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General Hydroponics (GH) Flora Bloom is part of the GH 3-part Flora base nutrient formula. The GH Flora Bloom part promotes strong root growth and flowering. Use in combination with GH Flora Gro and Flora Micro to make a top-notch hydroponic nutrient.

  • General Hydroponics – one of the original hydroponic nutrient companies
  • GH constantly conducts research and continually improves it’s products
  • GH Flora – a long-standing and continually updated 3-part formula for hydroponics
  • Flora Bloom part promotes strong roots and flowering
  • Use in combination with Flora Micro and Gro for a complete nutrient
  • Works great with the GH range of additives and boosters


1 bottle of General Hydroponics Flora Bloom (choose your size above)

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