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Flora Series is designed for all growing methods: hydroponics soil less and soil.  The concept of a 3 parts nutrient and Flora-series were created for General Hydroponics by Dr. Cal Herrmann formerly senior chemist at NASA in collaboration with scientists from the University of Davis in California.  Dr. Herrmann is today a partner at GHE and still conducts research.

Flora is a dynamic evolving formula constantly updated and adapted to the latest scientific discoveries.  Simply it allows you to match the needs of your plant through its different stages by changing the ratios between the liquids as well as their concentration.

Flora-series consists in 3 components: FloraGro promotes a lush structural and foliar growth.  FloraBloom : During growth it increases root formation and health.  During flowering and fruiting it enables the plant to fulfil its genetic potential to the maximum.

Of special importance for water culture growers FloraGro and FloraBloom both contain silicate (in form of silicic acid) to complete the diet and strengthen the structure of your plants.

FloraMicroprovides the plant with all the necessary micro-elements in a chelated form.  It includes also sub micro-elements and organic buffers which help to stabilise the solution’s pH.  FloraMicro complements FloraGro and FloraBloom in secondary and major nutrients. FloraMicro is available in hard or soft water.

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