Evoponic Goliath

Size: 250ml


Plant Weight Gain Finisher

Goliath from Evoponic is named after the Biblical behemoth that was defeated by a boy with a brick. Fortunately, the only conflict this finisher will be part of is the battle to add excessive amounts of weight to your crop. Using Goliath can increase yield by up to 30%.

  • Late Mass builder
  • Plant booster
  • Increases yield up to 30%


Your choice of size bottle of Evoponic Goliath 4-7-11

How to use Goliath

Use from the start of weeks 6 to 7 for 7 to 10 days.
Goliath can be successfully used in all growing systems. Goliath will improve size and quality of flower yield over the shortest of growing periods.

Ensure all equipment is clean and free of residues from previous use.
Shake or stir Goliath thoroughly before slowly adding required quantity to fresh solution.
Mix well before use and make up a solution for one week's use, then top up as necessary.

Recirculating Hydroponic Systems: Always add to fresh solution, use 3 mls of GOLIATH per litre of nutrient solution.

If using Goliath with alongside products from other nutrient lines use reduced quantities so that pH/EC levels can be balanced.

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