Green Man 1, Single Pot System



The single-unit GREEN MAN SYSTEM pot is full of unique and simple design features that make growing plants more manageable. Specifically designed for growing specimen plants, the GREEN MAN SYSTEM can grow larger and more abundant plants than any other system.

The pot has unique design features, such as the sloping bottom, ensuring every drop is drained during the water change, eliminating the risk of concentration. A 4" internal pocket that will hold your airstone snug in place, a fill line to indicate the perfect depth for your nutrients, an inspection flap that allows you to check both the level of your reservoir tank along with the condition of your roots, This flap also aids the release of warm gasses from the reservoir tank, should your room overheat, helping prevent any issues within the root system. The White basket will reflect heat and light, keeping your reservoir tank at a cooler core temperature. The heel design on the pot ensures your system is never sitting on a cold concrete floor, with vents allowing the air to move freely under the pot. Corners on the pot allow the air pipe to sit firmly in place and never kink. Multiple drainage holes in the top basket, preventing any blockages from rapid and explosive growth. Couple this with a unique groove system in the basket, ensuring your plant establishes a firm grip for unrivalled, strong and sturdy growth.

​The watering ring keeps roots nice and moist with a massive water-air ratio using a specifically designed combination of materials and pipe gauges along with larger dripper holes, mixing the maximum amount of air into your nutrient solution, keeping your water fresh and your plants'' oxygen-rich. The water pump connects to any air pump, making it easier to connect up and run a growing system of any size with the right-sized pump.

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