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PK Spike is engineered to provide a uniform quantity of potassium and phosphorus to your flowering plants. 


 Improved seed production and flower formation.

  • Earlier and more uniform crop maturity.
  • Improvements in crop quality.
  • Along with phosphate, potash is instrumental in carbohydrate and starch synthesis, which is essential in developing healthy and large photosynthesis organs.
  • A potash deficiency may lead to reduced cell wall strength, which can lead to the breaking of leaves and stems and susceptibility to the toppling over and breaking of heavy branches.
  • Phosphate-deficient plants take longer to initiate flowering, produce fewer flowers and are restricted in flower size.
  • Phosphate deficiencies can result in a reduction in leaf expansion and also the number of leaves.

How to use it 

Add at a rate of 0.5 – 1 ml/L to your reservoir.

Apply from the 2nd week of bloom every two weeks until one week before flush. Applying PK Spike at the recommended rate will deliver up to a 250 PPM boost to your plants and adjust your nutrient strength accordingly.

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