Grenade Black Plant Nutrients 250ml

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Grenade Black is an advanced hybrid organo-mineral flowering additive, naturally formulated to maximise healthy and heart yielding harvests.

A new vision super PK+ combing the benefits of high quality minerals with amino acids, phytohormones and other biological co factors.

Grenade Black increases plant energy levels (ATP) and optimised sulphur content enhances secondary metabolite production.

Grenade Black combines a bulk building and ripening product in one, applied at concentrated dose rate saving you time and money!

Active input:

amino acids, cytokinins, gibberellins, polysaccharides, betaines, auxins, proteins, enzymes, carbohydrates and trace minerals.


N - 3%

P - 9%

K - 19%

S - 30% 

FE - 1375mg/kg

B - 132 mg/kg

Dose rate:

0.2ml - 0.4ml weeks 5-6-7 of flowering cycle. 

This additive is compatible with all nutrient regimes never run multiple PK products at the same time, if you are following a nutrient chart please add this product first then top up with base nutrients and other additives to reach your desired EC level.

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