Horturion 1000w DE Lamp

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Replacement Lamp for 1000w 400v Fixtures

This lamp replaces the lamp supplied with the Dimlux Expert Series Complete 400v / 1000w Grow Light Kit.

  • Dimlux - true next-generation grow gear
  • Replaces the lamp found with the Dimlux Expert Series 1000 Watt HPS System
  • Lasts for a full year - much longer than typical lamps
  • Produces more intense light than traditional 1000w lamps
  • Runs cooler than standard HPS
  • Increased yields compared to standard HPS
  • Delivers a broader spectrum of usable plant light
  • Utilizes 400v technology on a 230 volt domestic mains supply


1 x 1000w double ended lamp

How the Horturion Grow Lamp Works

This lamp is designed for use with the Dimlux Expert Series 1000 Watt / 400 volt HPS System. 400 volt high-frequency lighting is used by the professional horticultural industry because it's more efficient and effective in an indoor growing environment. The ballast found with the Expert Series Fixture converts a standard 230v power supply to 400v in order to drive the lamp at an ultra high frequency. The result is a much more intense light with a broader spectrum than typical HPS units. 400 volt lamps also maintain their efficiency and intensity for much longer than typical 230v HPS lamps (which should ideally be replaced every one or two grows). In fact, 400 volt lamps typically last for a full year before they need to be changed out.

How to Use the Horturion Grow Lamp

Check out the One Stop Blog to find out how to correctly fit a double-ended lamp.

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